Grade 3 Using My Maps

Grade three students in my online class are currently learning how economic factors shape communities.

  • What are the main goods and services produced by the communities we are learning about?
  • What goods and services do the communities import from and export to other parts of the world?
  • Where, on a globe and/or map, are the countries of Peru, Ukraine, India and Tunisia in relation to Canada?

What better time to use My Maps?

I begin by creating a video using Screencastify, a Chrome extension, to introduce this tool so that students can become familiar with the possibilities. During our regular online class, we explore My Maps together. Students learn how to access and find My Maps and how to begin inserting pegs, photos, and text. Later they can refer to the video to guide them as they try it on their own. After our exploration in an online class and the video in our online course, I will give students this assignment.

When you are ready, go to Google Drive to create your own My Map.

Follow the steps in the video to create your own map.

Name your map with your name and the title, Goods from Around the World.

Add a peg for each country, India, Ukraine, Peru, Tunisia.

Your textbook is one resource to find out about the natural resources, goods or technology in each country. 

Add photos of goods produced by the country with each peg you add.

Write to tell more about what the country produces.

Share your map with me.

My Maps is an application that is easy to use and provides so many opportunities for learning and creating.  Imagine the connections to literacy, math, science, history, art that students can make.  I am curious to hear about creative ways your students will use this geo-tool. For more ideas take a look at Bring the World To Your Classroom by Kelly Kermode and Kim Randall.

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