Gardeners are Dreamers

Anticipation is one of the delights of gardening. Each seed placed in the soil, each small plant tucked in the ground, is a hopeful action. I started my indoor garden far too early and the result was big plants ready to be outdoors and a cold spring that did not accommodate this. So I faithfullyContinue reading “Gardeners are Dreamers”

The Adventures of Nanga Parbat

We were on a mission. Last October we drove to BC to take a look at Armadillo Trailers in Enderby and just for fun we thought we’d also head to Logan Lake to see the summer home of the sled dogs that run near Lake Louise with KingMik Dog Sled Tours. Several dogs were readyContinue reading “The Adventures of Nanga Parbat”

This is transformative…

Sitting in a staff meeting… Teachers seated in the audience, a select group of people at the front leading the meeting dispensing information. Information that may be important to know yet an inefficient way to accomplish the task. That day I remember one statement – emphatically declared that sat like an irritating pebble in myContinue reading “This is transformative…”

We Are Connected

This photo captured my imagination immediately. I’m glad it landed in the collection of family photos. I’ve often wondered about these serious and strong looking individuals with their sheepskin vests, beautiful embroidered shirts and well worn work boots. Hafia, the young woman in the the top left this photo is the great grandmother of ourContinue reading “We Are Connected”

Grade 3 Using My Maps

Grade three students in my online class are currently learning how economic factors shape communities. What are the main goods and services produced by the communities we are learning about? What goods and services do the communities import from and export to other parts of the world? Where, on a globe and/or map, are theContinue reading “Grade 3 Using My Maps”

Online Learning – Connecting Kids

    I am inspired by fellow educators who are busy figuring out ways to continue connecting and working with students. I am grateful to be in a profession such as this. We’ve had an abrupt and dismaying change in our lives, yet my colleagues are determined to move forward with learning in a newContinue reading “Online Learning – Connecting Kids”

Co-Creating Learning Stories

Inspiration! ¬†Once again gathering with my colleagues, participating in great sessions and connecting to new ideas, meant that this was another enjoyable and worthwhile teacher’s convention. I use photographs in my classroom as a way for students to share what they have learned and as a jumping off point for stories and further reflection. OurContinue reading “Co-Creating Learning Stories”