Rainy Day Thoughts on Fenway and Hattie by Victoria J. Coe

One rainy Saturday in April, a day much like today, I read Fenway and Hattie by Victoria Coe in anticipation of the Global Read Aloud this fall. What a delightful, humorous tale told from a dog’s point of view.  Victoria Coe, you captured the mind of a puzzled dog in a way that made me chuckle!  I seeContinue reading “Rainy Day Thoughts on Fenway and Hattie by Victoria J. Coe”

Reflections on, ‘Creating a Passionate Literacy Classroom’

Today I had the opportunity to hear Pernille Ripp, a Wisconsin 7th grade teacher, who started The Global Read Aloud in 2010.  Check her blog: Blogging Through the Fourth Dimension to learn more about her passion for students, learning and literacy. The session, Creating a Passionate Literacy Classroom, was organized by the Edmonton Regional LearningContinue reading “Reflections on, ‘Creating a Passionate Literacy Classroom’”

English Language Learners in the Czech Republic

As I look back to the summer of 2013, countless memories remain from my experience as an English language teacher in the Czech Republic. The beauty of Prague? Yes surely. The challenge of daily communication? That too. The warmth of people in the Czech Republic ? Absolutely! All this and more…. What a crew weContinue reading “English Language Learners in the Czech Republic”

Developing Lifelong Readers – Where to begin?

I held my father’s large, calloused hand and matched his stride as we walked up the steps to the library and through the heavy wooden doors.  We stood in the foyer, one long staircase before me led down to the children’s library and the other,  up to the distant unreachable land of adult books.  PerhapsContinue reading “Developing Lifelong Readers – Where to begin?”