Gardeners are Dreamers

Dahlias planted June 3, 2022, started indoors March 15, 2022

Anticipation is one of the delights of gardening. Each seed placed in the soil, each small plant tucked in the ground, is a hopeful action.

I started my indoor garden far too early and the result was big plants ready to be outdoors and a cold spring that did not accommodate this. So I faithfully carried them outdoors and in when the nights to the end of May were too cold, 2° C in our community. I also need to rely on a friend to water almost EVERYDAY!, while we were away. I am gifted with wonderful friends.

Waiting for Good weather!
Garden Inventory
Dahlias (2 – Vuurvogel, 2 – Daniel’s Favourite, 5 – Ball, 4 – Rebecca’s World) All started indoors. Started March 15th and April 5th
3 – Dahlia tubers planted outdoors May 14. So far one is now showing leaves.
9 – Tall Zinnias (28 to 36 inches)
6 – Short Zinnias (10 to 12 inches)
6 – Starfire Tomatoes
8 – Tiny Tim Tomatoes
2 – Pickling Cucumbers
3 – Long Green Cucumbers
1 – Yellow Pepper
2 – Tomatillos
3 – Cosmos
3 – Columbine
10 Freesia Mix planted May 14 – still to come up
Ranculus – 7 are up and Planted on May14. 6 Persian Buttercup and 10 Sensation Persian Buttercup from Vessy’s. Also, 10 Ranculaus purchased at Salisbury.
Sweet Peas- seeded in the garden April 28 and also started indoors and planted out early May
Scarlet Runner Beans – seeded early May and growing well.
Peas – Planted April 27
Carrots – planted April 30th
Beets Planted April 30th
2 – Lavatera –
Garden Inventory June 3, 2022
Types of Dahlias

And so the garden journey continues. I plan to post progress here. Looking forward to flowers blooming in my garden.

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