We Are Connected

This photo captured my imagination immediately.

I’m glad it landed in the collection of family photos. I’ve often wondered about these serious and strong looking individuals with their sheepskin vests, beautiful embroidered shirts and well worn work boots.

Hafia, the young woman in the the top left this photo is the great grandmother of our children. I am sure she treasured this one photo, a memento of the family she would leave behind in Lviv, Ukraine.

She came to Canada and married Jacob Kobewka in the coal mining town of Midlandville, Alberta. She did not speak English and a pastor’s wife helped her learn the language. She had 4 children the eldest was our grandpa, Mike Kobewka. I think of her and wonder about all the challenges she faced raising 4 children in this small, rough town. Sadly she had an early death due to medial conditions that were not treated.

However today I am thinking of the descendants of those other people in the photo. Those who stayed to make a life in Ukraine. In some small way we are connected. I grieve for the people of Ukraine and today, and in the days ahead, I’ll pray for peace.

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